About Us

Quality is our hallmark

We are a Pakistan based pharmaceutical company run by a family of visionary doctors. Our manufacturing facility located on the Main Ferozepur Road in Lahore is ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018, 22000:2018 &ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified and is compliant with the latest cGMP and cGLP standards.

Established since 1995, Don Valley Pharmaceuticals through its higher standards of production and its modernistic manufacturing facility is renowned for providing quality healthcare products at affordable costs while meeting and exceeding international standards.

We pride ourselves on operating some of Asia’s most sophisticated pharmaceutical machinery, including an active R&D Department and state-of-the-art Quality Control and Microbiology laboratories.

The dedication of our employees and their commendable work ethic is what differentiates us from our competitors. We value our employees and treat them like family because only by operating as a strong cohesive unit can we truly work for the benefit of our customers.

Don Valley has managed to carve a niche for itself in the world of Pharmaceuticals with its annual sales having reached US $15 million across Pakistan, Asia and the African regions. Our products span the entire continuum of care including anti-infective, diabetes, cardiovascular, anti-ulcer, gastroenterology anti-anemic, anti-epileptic, anti-depressant, vitamins and analgesic.

In addition to employing a highly trained sales and marketing team spread across the region and an extremely sound distribution network, we are also a major player in supplying pharmaceutical drugs to Government Hospitals and Institutions.

Today, Don Valley aspires to reach higher export goals and explore further avenues in product innovation and development. Our products have been accredited by international regulatory authorities including Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, Ministry of Health Cambodia, NMPB Sudan, NAFDAC Nigeria, Ministry of Health Myanmar, Pharmacy & Poisons Board Kenya, Ministry of Public Health & Fight Against Aids Burundi, Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan, Ministry of Health Development Somaliland, Ministry of Health & Public Hygiene Guinea.

We are extremely excited about the journey we have made so far and sincerely believe that the best of Don Valley is yet to come!

Leading the Way in Healthcare Advancement: The Visionary Board of Directors

At the heart of our company lies a group of individuals driven by a singular passion: improving lives through groundbreaking pharmaceuticals. Our Board of Directors, a powerhouse of expertise and dedication, sets the strategic course and guides our every step toward achieving this mission.


Dr. Javed Akram

Chairman of Don Valley, is a distinguished professor of medicine and a global medical researcher. He holds an MD from Harvard Medical School and has over 30 years of industry experience. He brings both strategic acumen and ethical leadership to the board. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being serves as a cornerstone of our company’s values. He is currently the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Government of Punjab, Pakistan and the President of the Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine. He has authored six books and around 125 research papers published in leading international medical journals. He has also led several clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines as the principal investigator. He is a fellow of the American Colleges of Cardiology and Medicine and an international advisor to the Royal College of Physicians London. He has received the global excellence in patient care award from the same institution for his research during the COVID pandemic.

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Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram, Chief Executive Officer of Don Valley, is a pioneer of patient empowerment and a leader of women entrepreneurship. She has over 30 years of experience in medicine, nutrition, and business. She is the founder and first female Vice President of the FPCCI¹, the largest trade body in Pakistan. She is also the founder and President of the WCCI, a platform for women entrepreneurs. She is a visionary leader and a lifelong learner, who is driven by her passion to develop life-altering pharmaceuticals. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her achievements. She is also a board member of several prestigious institutions. She inspires others to build healthier and prosperous futures for all.

Managing Director

Saad Javed Akram

Saad Javed Akram, Managing Director, is a dynamic and visionary leader with an MSc in Accounting and Finance from Aston University, Birmingham – UK. He oversees the company’s financial health and operational efficiency, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of quality and ethics. He is also a strategic thinker and a passionate innovator, who drives the company’s sustainable growth and enables us to invest in groundbreaking research and development. He has received the Pharma Excellence Award from the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry for his contributions to the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing. He is also a board member of Akram Medical Complex, a leading healthcare provider in Lahore.

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United by a Shared Vision:

These esteemed individuals, though diverse in their backgrounds and expertise, share a common vision: to make a meaningful impact on the world through innovative and accessible healthcare solutions. Their collective wisdom and leadership chart a course towards a brighter future, where advancements in medicine benefit all.