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Manufacturing Facility

Quality and compliance are at the heart of everything we do. Through the employment of highly experienced architects, engineers and industry experts, Don Valley’s infrastructure has been planned and developed in accordance with the latest FDA requirements and the vision to house a range of manufacturing sections including different facilities for:

  • Sterile Ampoules & Liquid Vial Section
  • Liquid Oral Section
  • General – Tablet, Capsule & Dry Powder Suspension Sections
  • Cream & Ointment Section
  • Ophthalmic Drops Section
  • Antibiotic Oral & Sterile Section
  • Cephalosporin Oral & Sterile Section
  • Nutraceutical – Tablet, Capsule, Sachet, Soft Gel & Liquid Sections
  • Anti-Cancer Section
01 Manufacturing Facility Don Valley Pharma
02 Manufacturing Facility Don Valley Pharma

Each section is equipped with GMP certified machinery, efficient dust extraction systems, dedicated flow of material and an independent HVAC system in order to prevent cross contamination and to create the required environmental conditions in each section. Our water purification system with double reverse osmosis followed by electronic deionization and WFI provides high quality purified water at each step of the manufacturing process.

The formulation of our products involves a highly intricate series of events, from the characterisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, to the choice of recipients, to the selection of processing, compression, coating equipment and packaging systems appropriate for the specific drug and the dosage form. The consideration of prime importance for all of our products includes solubility of active drugs, preservation, taste masking, viscosity, flavouring, appearance and stability (chemical, physical and microbiological).

Established since 1995, Don Valley has never limited itself only to the acquisition of ISO certifications but has also acted on it by heavily investing in training and nurturing a quality based culture that flourishes throughout our organisation, from the starting point of production to the delivery of goods.

We pride ourselves on operating some of Asia’s most sophisticated pharmaceutical machinery and our team of experts work tirelessly around the clock to maintain the accuracy of our equipment in order to ensure that all our products are manufactured at the highest quality. Our manufacturing facility meets and exceeds the latest cGMP and cGLP standards whilst implementing efficient SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) throughout our organisation for precaution and accuracy at each stage of the manufacturing process.

03 Manufacturing Facility Don Valley Pharma
04 Manufacturing Facility Don Valley Pharma

At Don Valley, we use quality as the basis for all our business activities and our highest decision criterion to secure a higher level of trust from the patients/consumers of our products. Considering the fact that our products are well-accepted and their demand is growing consistently, we can safely assume the confidence in our products by different stakeholders.

We have always placed the highest emphasis on continuously improving and maintaining a quality culture which is strongly supported by a pragmatic and robust Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure safety, efficacy, reliability and quality of our products. The QMS is implemented through the employment of a highly skilled workforce and professional management backed by an on-going integrated human resource training and development program. QMS execution excellence and performance is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure continuous improvement and compliance to international standards.

Our state-of-the-art Quality Control laboratory consists of the following sections:

  • Chemical Section
  • Components Section
  • Research & Development Section
  • Microbiological Section

Complying with the latest international standards, our well equipped Quality Control laboratory guarantees precision and accuracy in our analysis. Our analysis are paired with the evaluation of our systems and processes. At Don Valley, our purpose is to achieve continuous improvement, compliance as well as endorsements from regulatory authorities and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) experts from different regions of the world.

05 Manufacturing Facility Don Valley Pharma