What Makes Us the Top Pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan

With over 25 years of producing & marketing pharmaceutical products, Don Valley is one of the most innovative and progressive pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. Our long presence in the Pakistani and global market is a testimony to our integrity and credibility. During our journey, we have competed with major local manufacturers and multi-national companies by offering world-class quality healthcare products & medicines. Compliance with cGMP principles (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) remains our top priority. Our humble origin as a Lahore medicine company did not stop us and we went from strength to strength. Today, we have the honor of ranking among the top pharma companies in Pakistan in a short period of time. Our export activities which cover eighteen countries make us one of the most active pharmaceutical exporters in Pakistan.

What Makes Us the Top Pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan

Our Manufacturing Site

Don Valley began its operations in 1995 and since then we have been constantly upgrading our plant. We employ the latest technology when it comes to research, development, production, and quality control. We produce and market over 450 pharmaceutical products in eighteen countries and have a distribution network of over 120 distributors. We have an entire group of intellectuals and medical experts who provide innovative ideas and help in modern research. Our manufacturing facility complies with all standards including ISO, cGLP, and cGMP. The technology we employ is being used by the top pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Our focus on quality assurance & quality control has taken us from our humble beginnings to become one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan and 18 other countries. Our quality systems comply with Japanese, US, British, and European standards. Our quality control department is armed with world-class instrumentation for conducting efficient analysis of finished products, raw materials, packaging, and API (active pharmaceutical ingredients).

Our Medicines

Our special formulations include medicines for health issues related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory diseases apart from anti-infectives, haematinics, and nutraceuticals. Our health care products are distributed across Pakistan by more than 120 medicine suppliers in Pakistan.

Our Penicillin based Antibiotics

Don Valley is a pioneer in introducing penicillin-based antibiotics in Pakistan. We introduced these products when the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry was in its infancy. Amoxicap (Amoxicillin), AmpiCap (Ampicillin) and DonPen (Penicillin V) are world-class medicines being produced by us at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Penicillin-based antibiotics are useful in the treatment of several classes of bacterial infections including but not limited to urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, lyme disease, skin infections, meningitis, chlamydia infections, strep throat, pneumonia, otitis media, helicobacter pylori, and several others. These antibiotics have been formulated while maintaining strict compliance with patent requirements and cGMP. The best thing about these antibiotics is that they can be used by people of almost all ages. These are available in the form of capsules and suspensions. We prepare them in various compositions as per the scientific requirements. Many of these medicines can be found on the essential list of medicines by the World Health Organization.

We also formulate Penicillin combination broad-spectrum antibiotics such as Clamentin (Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid) and CombiCap (Ampicillin +Cloxacillin sodium). These combination antibiotics are highly effective against more resistant classes of bacteria, the kind that attacks pathogens in the antibiotics to render them useless. The combination antibiotic disables these bacteria before they can launch such an attack. They are useful in the treatment of a broad range of diseases such as gonorrhea, pneumonia, otitis media, infections of the upper & lower respiratory tract, urinary tract infections, and many more.

Our Macrolide Antibiotics

Roxid, Macrocid, DV-Zythro, D-Mycin

Macrolides are special antibiotics as they belong to natural products. We, at Don Valley, take pride in the fact that we are among those pharma companies of Pakistan which introduced Macrolides to Pakistan. We have been formulating and manufacturing Macrolides for decades. Our Macrolide antibiotics which are marketed under the brand names Roxid, D-Mycin, DV-Zythro and Macrocid are distributed throughout Pakistan and are also one of our major exports to other countries. Macrolide antibiotics are used for the treatment of malaria, syphilis, respiratory tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, skin infections, chlamydia infections, lyme disease, and helicobacter Pylori.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Devimox, DV-Cipro, Dyramid, Lovenox

Don Valley manufactures Fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Devimox (Moxifloxacin), DV-Cipro (Ciprofloxacin), Dyramid (Ofloxacin), and Lovenox (Levofloxacin). This class of antibiotics is used for treating several diseases caused by a broad range of bacteria such as boing & joint infections, sinusitis, endocarditis, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections and several others These broad-spectrum medicines are one of Don Valley’s premium medicinal products. They are sold across Pakistan and exported regularly to other countries.

Our World-class Nutraceuticals

Don Valley is one of the first Pakistani pharmaceutical companies to introduce nutraceuticals i.e alternative medicines which have been prepared from natural products. These include our line of immunity boosters such as Citrovit-C (Vitamin-C), JUVEL (Multi-Vitamin + Zinc), Quen-Ten (Coenzyme), Feridon Syrup (Iron & other nutrients), and Multidon (Multi-vitamin Syrup). Immunity boosters improve your natural resistance to several diseases including viral diseases allergies, airborne diseases, auto-immune diseases, and even cancer. These products have found nationwide acceptance and are also a star performer when it comes to our exports.

Obesity Control

Our Nutraceuticals also include specially formulated fiber supplements containing glucomannan which are known for healthy weight reduction and are famed for treating obesity. Don Valley provides several effective health solutions for controlling obesity such as Propol and FitFibre. Propol is one of our oldest products and is manufactured in collaboration with Shimizu Chemical Corporation Japan.

Other Medicines

Don Valley has been producing medicines for Cardiovascular health such as antihypertensives including Atostat, Hypress, Lipostat, DV-Losartan, Resolip, Rivadon, and others. These medicines are essential in improving cardiovascular health and managing issues such as hypertension and cholesterol control.

We are also a manufacturer of CNS (Central Nervous System) drugs such as Angepine (Quetiapine), Easrin (Aliskiren), Eziness (Duloxetine), and Leptil (Sodium Valproate). Don Valley is among the market leaders when it comes to these therapeutic drugs.

We also produce medicines for the Gastrointestinal tract, Diabetes, Musculoskeletal issues, Haematinics, and Respiratory issues.

The Fight Against Covid-19 and its Variants

Throughout the pandemic, Don Valley has worked around the clock to provide the public with medicines such as Devoquine (Chloroquin Phosphate), DV-Quine (Hydroxychloroquine sulfate), and DV-Cef (Ceftriaxone Injections). These medicines have been phenomenal in the fight against Covid-19. Don Valley ensured an uninterrupted supply of these essential medicines across Pakistan throughout the length of the pandemic.


Pakistan medicine company list is a long one, with over 620 registered manufacturers. This makes the market highly competitive. The top 100 companies dominate 93% of the market. We have been successfully competing with MNCs and local manufacturers. Whether it is pharmaceutical companies Lahore, Karachi, or the entire country, we strive to become Pakistan’s top medicine company through our hard work, commitment to quality, and aim to deliver quality health care solutions worldwide.

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