Don Valley’s appreciation and support for Women in Business

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry orchestrated the highly anticipated and iconic “Laurels of Honour” event within the esteemed premises of Lahore’s Governor House. This event stood as a testament to honoring exceptional women who have brought pride to Pakistan through their lifetime achievements.

Among the distinguished awardees, Don Valley Pharma displayed fervent enthusiasm and deep admiration for the outstanding accomplishments of Engr. Anum Tariq Khan. With resolute dedication to her professional journey, Don Valley Pharma sponsored the Women in Business Excellence Award, a tribute to Anum’s remarkable feats in engineering. Her unwavering commitment to innovation and progress garnered immense respect and recognition.

Anum’s influence stretches far beyond her professional sphere, as evidenced by her active roles in organizations like IEEE USA Women in Engineering Lahore and the Women in Tech & Engineering Committee of WCCIL. Notably, her involvement in propelling women’s economic empowerment through Women Economic Reforms showcases a truly commendable dedication.

By wholeheartedly endorsing this award, Don Valley Pharma aligns itself with Anum’s resounding advocacy for women entrepreneurs and simultaneously contributes to the commendation of extraordinary women in the business realm. This alignment reflects the company’s deeply ingrained values, echoing its commitment to promoting and supporting excellence, fostering social service initiatives, and actively advancing the cause of women’s empowerment.

Anum’s pursuit of excellence, coupled with her unwavering dedication to inclusivity, stands as an unwavering source of inspiration for all, highlighting the positive impact one individual can make in the world of business and beyond.

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