Respiratory tract infections and their cost effective treatment options 

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Respiratory Tract:

Humans and Animals breathe via their lungs. Airways have respiratory epithelium, and thin nasal mucosa filters nasal air. Next is the pharynx, esophagus-larynx junction. The epiglottis is a cartilage flap that covers the larynx. Larynx air enters the trachea, where it divides into the primary bronchi. Each bronchus divides into a secondary (lobar) bronchus, tertiary (segmental) bronchi, and bronchioles, which interact with gas-exchanging alveoli. The thoracic rib cage protects the lungs. A double layer of serous membrane protects the lungs. Visceral pleura lines the chest and protect the lungs. The pleural cavity contains pleural fluid. We can make our respiratory tract healthy and sound by using medicines from one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Pakistan, DON VALLEY PHARMA. 

Importance of Respiratory Tract

The respiratory system absorbs oxygen, exhales CO2, helps vocalize, and detects smells. Functionally, the respiratory system has two zones: conducting and respiratory. The conducting zone includes the nasal cavity, throat, trachea, bronchi, and most bronchioles. The conchae and meatuses in your nasal passages increase the surface area of your nasal cavity, which warms and humidifies incoming air and filters out debris and pathogens. The nasopharynx connects to the nasal cavity, the oropharynx divides the nasal cavity from the oral cavity, and the laryngo-pharynx separates the mouth cavity from the trachea and esophagus. All respiratory tract diseases are treated by medicines available in Don Valley which is one of the best pharmaceutical Companies in Pakistan and a leading global exporter.

  • Respiratory tract infections (RTIs)

Infections in the sinuses, throat, airways, or lungs are considered respiratory tract infections (RTIs) and these infections are treated by the best medicine company in Pakistan which is Don Valley. Although some cases of RTI improve on their own, it’s always important to keep in touch with your doctor just in case. Some of the warning signs of a respiratory tract infection are:

  • If you cough, you could split up some mucus (phlegm)having a stuffy or runny nose and sneezing
  • Throat pains and brain aches
  • Sore muscles shortness of breath, tightness of the chest or wheezing high fever feeling run down
  • What is an upper respiratory infection?

Having a sore throat or sinus infection is a symptom of this. Some of the symptoms of an upper respiratory infection are:

  1. Normal cold symptoms.
  2. Epiglottitis.
  3. Laryngitis.
  4. Pharyngitis (sore throat)
  5. Sinusitis (sinus infection)
  6. Ear, Nose and Throat infections

Medication for all of these is also available in the product bunch of top Pakistan medicine company Don Valley pharmaceutical.

  • What is a lower respiratory infection?

The airways and lungs are the target organs of a lower respiratory infection. Upper respiratory infections tend to be less severe and persist shorter than those of the lower respiratory tract.  Bronchitis, an infection of the bronchial tubes that results in coughing and fevers, is one such illness. For the most part, infants and toddlers are the ones that get lung illnesses known as bronchiolitis. These all infections can be treated effectively by treatment option by best pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Pakistan like DON VALLEY PHARMA.

  • Causes

Upper respiratory infections occur when a virus or bacteria enters the respiratory system. Getting sick may happen via touching an infectious surface or shaking someone’s hand. Touch your lips, nose, and eyes. Hand-carried microorganisms make sickness unavoidable. This kind of infection may affect anybody. Some populations are more prone to infection. Children are susceptible because they connect with infected peers. Kids may not wash as regularly as adults. They also touch their eyes, nose, and mouth more, increasing infection spread. Preexisting lung or heart issues make people more prone to colds and flu. Old aged and People with weak immune systems may become sicker. Lower respiratory tract infections are treated by multiple treatment options by one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters in Lahore.

  • Respiratory tract infection treatment

The larynx is where your voice is produced. To have laryngitis means that your larynx has become inflamed. Laryngitis occurs most often after a viral infection of the upper airways. Laryngitis is characterized by a change in voice quality. It’s possible that you could:

  • Turn your voice hoarse.
  • Be unable to raise your voice beyond a whisper.
  • Quiet down completely and stop talking.

In addition, you can develop a high temperature, swallowing problems, and a sore throat. Treatment choices are something you and your doctor can talk about. Since viruses are the typical cause, rather than bacteria, you probably won’t require antibiotics. For laryngitis relief:

  • Take some time off to recover your singing voice. Don’t bother talking. To avoid being overheard, speak as quietly as possible without whispering. Your larynx may get inflamed if you often whisper.
  • Get a lot of fluids in your system.
  • Take a deep steamy swig.
  • If you need to, take anything to suppress your cough.

All these problems, symptoms are treated by medicines available by DON VALLEY which is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Lahore Pakistan.


When it comes to treatment options for respiratory tract infections, multiple options are offered by Don Valley Pharma, a leading manufacturer & exporter. They have a variety of remedies for coughs & colds and respiratory tract infections, including syrups and drops, DEVIMOX, LOVENOX, MACROCID, RESOTIN, VIRTEC, OROLIN and IVYMAX. Let’s share about some of the DON VALLEY PHARMACEUTICALS leading medicines in local markets, leading Govt Institutions and global markets:

  • Devimox
  • Lovenox
  • Macrocid


Devimox Tab 400gm 1

The Devimox Tablets are effective against many different types of bacteria causing difficult to treat infections. It is useful in treating mainly respiratory tract infections (including pneumonia), skin and soft tissues infections as well as infections of the urinary system. Being a novel molecule with efficacy and economy, Devimox enjoys the confidence of prescribers in local markets, leading Govt Institutions and international markets.



Lovenox is useful in treating mainly respiratory tract infections (including pneumonia), skin and soft tissues infections as well as infections of the urinary system. Being a basic molecule to handle multiple infections particularly respiratory infections, with efficacy and economy, Lovenox enjoys the confidence of prescribers in local markets, leading Govt Institutions and international markets.

A strong supply chain network of 113 distributors has ensured the easy access of Don Valley products to global customers.


Macrocid 250mg 10 Tablets 1

This antibiotic, classified as a macrolide, inhibits the multiplication of bacteria. This antibiotic is effective against bacteria but has no effect on viruses.

Antibiotic Macrocid (clarithromycin) is effective against many different types of bacteria particularly those involved in the upper respiratory tract infections. Also Macrocid in combination with other anti-biotics & PPI’s have a certain role to cure stomach ulcers caused by pathogen H.Pylori. 

Macrocid due to its wider dosage form options ie Tablets & suspension, with efficacy and economy, backed by the strong distributor network across the globe, coupled with the corporate image of Don Valley as one of the leading manufacturers and exporter, enjoys strong demand & presence across the globe. 

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