Excellence in Women Empowerment Award

FPCCI Achievement Award - Don Valley Pharmaceuticals

In this era, women empowerment has proved to be a challenging subject in Pakistan’s diverse political, social, and cultural environment. On all crucial human development parameters, women rank lower than males. It is hard for them to maintain their lives, health, and career. To support their family, friends, and themselves.

The Pharmaceutical sector in Pakistan is an excellent opportunity for women to explore their capabilities and do wonders in their careers. Don Valley, being one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, provides a platform where women can prove their excellence. They can show the world that they can do better, prove that they can be more than just being a housekeeper, and prove that they are not a burden, not even in the financial aspect.

At Don Valley Pharma, we strive to give women equal opportunities. We provide a decent portion of vacancies just for females in our manufacturing, quality management as well as in our R&D departments. We strongly believe that in order for us to continue our growth, we need our women to play an equal role. Women with a higher level of education, extraordinary decision-making abilities, and full potential are our greatest asset.

It is for this reason, that we are honoured to receive the Achievement Award for our outstanding services in Women Empowerment by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

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