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Osteoporosis leads bones to become fragile and brittle, even relatively little traumas, such as coughing or leaning over, may result in a fracture. This is because osteoporosis makes bones more susceptible to breaking than healthy bones. Fractures brought on by osteoporosis most often take place in the hip, the wrist, or the spine. It is called a silent illness because unless the fracture occurs usually there are no signs and symptoms. Few symptoms such as curved spine, height decrease, gums problems, bone pain, etc are common with osteoporosis. 

Bone is a mass of cells that are continually being replenished as it is degraded and remodeled. Osteoporosis develops when the body’s ability to produce new bone is inadequate in comparison to the bone that is being lost either due to less intake & poor absorption of calcium, phosphorus, Vit D3, and or due to hormonal changes, aging and or due to any other problem. Pharmaceutical companies across the globe are working to address the matter. Leading Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan are also preparing medicines to prevent and treat osteoporosis such as CCL, Getz, Don Valley and many more. Don valley is one of the best medicine companies in Pakistan known for novel products with established efficacy and economy ensuring across the globe access to their products.

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Osteoporosis is described as a “silent” illness because, in most cases, there are no indications until a bone breaks or one or more of the vertebrae fall (fracture). Vertebral fractures may cause significant back discomfort, height loss, or spine abnormalities such as a hunched or stooped posture. Other symptoms include loss of height (kyphosis). Bones that have been compromised by osteoporosis may become brittle that they break easily, either on their own or as a consequence of:

  • Falls that are not severe, such as falling from a standing height, are not likely to induce a fracture in a bone that is otherwise healthy.
  • Everyday pressures like twisting, lifting, or even just persistent coughing may take their toll.

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Osteoporosis is a condition that develops when an excessive amount of bone density is lost in conjunction with changes in the structural makeup of bone tissue. There are some risk factors that, when combined, may either cause osteoporosis to develop or enhance the possibility that someone will get the illness. Others who acquire osteoporosis might not have any identifiable risk factors at all, although many individuals who have osteoporosis have more than one condition that puts them at risk. There are certain risk variables that you cannot modify, but there are other health issues that you maybe can influence. On the other hand, if you are aware of these risk variables, you might be able to avoid sickness and fractures. Some of the following are examples of factors that may put you at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis:

  • Gender

If you are a female, you have a higher risk of acquiring osteoporosis than men do, particularly due to hormonal changes. Women reach their maximal bone mass later in life than males do, and their bones are also smaller. Despite this, males continue to be at a higher risk, particularly beyond the age of 70.

  • Age

The rate at which bone is lost increases with age, but the rate at which new bone is formed slows down. Your bones have the potential to become more fragile over time, which raises your chance of developing osteoporosis. 

  • Body size

When compared to women and men, with bigger bones & those with smaller, more delicate bones are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis because they possess less bone mass, to begin with. 

  • Race 

Women of White and Asian descent have the greatest risk. Women of African, American or Mexican American descent have a much-decreased risk. The mortality rate among white males is much greater compared to that of black men and Mexican American men. A history of the family One of your parents having a history of fractures or broken hip may raise your chance of developing osteoporosis and fractures, according to the findings of recent research.

  • Dietary Habits

Dietary habits also play a very important role in progression of this disease. Since few foods such as hydrogenated oil, excess salt, alcohol, soft drinks, Vitamin A containing foods, etc accelerates the progression while milk, cheese, dairy foods, nuts, fortified flour, fish, figs, Vitamin C containing foods, etc slows down the disease progression and helps in re-mineralization of the bone.

  • Vitamin D3

In bone metabolism, Vitamin D increases the plasma levels of calcium and phosphorus, regulates osteoblast and osteoclast activity and prevents PTH hypersecretion. In fact low Vitamin D levels generally increase chances of osteoporosis by almost 15%. 

Treatment of OSTEOPOROSIS:

People who get osteoporosis as a result of another illness such as asthma, steroid therapy, etc should consult their doctor to determine the best possible treatment options. For instance, if you take a medicine that results in bone turnover, your doctor may reduce the dosage or change your drug. You can also take certain drugs authorized for the prevention or management of osteoporosis-related to age or menopause. If you have a condition that necessitates long-term corticosteroid therapy, such as inflammatory arthritis or chronic lung disease then dietary changes and supportive measures have to be initiated.

With the rise of the Nutraceutical era globally developments in the Pakistan Pharma industry could also be witnessed in this domain. Almost all leading pharma companies in Pakistan such as Sami, Getz, Hilton, Abbott, Don Valley Pharma, etc had contributed in this domain also.  We are sharing few products which can help in curtailing the osteoporosis from Nutraceutical domain by Don Valley Pharma, which is a progressive and innovative company exporting efficacious & economical products across the globe with a strong distributor’s network of 123 distributors ensuring easy access to its customers:

  • DV CAL 
  • DADA

pakistan pharmaceutical industry

This product is available by Don Valley which is one of the top pharmaceutical exporters in Pakistan. DV-CAL contains organic nature Calcium with Vit D3. Vit D3 ensures the maximum absorption of Calcium. This combo product can be used to treat or prevent low levels of blood calcium. When a person’s diet does not supply them with enough calcium or when they are unable to absorb enough calcium from the stomach. It can be used to treat conditions brought forward by low calcium levels, such as osteoporosis, brittle bones, osteomalacia (which is also connected to decreased parathyroid gland function), and several muscle maladies. Additionally, it may be used to make sure that some people get adequate calcium, such as those who are on certain drugs like phenytoin, phenobarbital, or prednisone, as well as pregnant, nursing, or postmenopausal women. DV-CAL due to its efficacy and economy is in high demand across the globe, particularly in aging and growing populations. Also in both age groups the DV-CAL syrup highly appreciated due to its palatable flavor. 


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DADA is a medicine that is available by the best medicine company in Pakistan Don Valley Pharma. Vitamin D3, a fat-soluble vitamin, helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. The right levels of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D must be taken to build and maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D3 can be used to treat and prevent bone issues. Additionally, proper amounts of vitamin D3 maintain energy levels, lower the risk of allergy sensitization, and improve mood. The immune system is modulated by vitamin D3, which also increases resistance to specific illnesses. For children and adults, Da-Da drops are a very effective natural vitamin D3 formulation. Due to its efficacy, most delectable flavor, and affordability, Da-Da is produced and exported by Don Valley Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical industries in Lahore, all over the world with the help of its 123 distributor’s network.

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